Traffic Ticket Checkpoints

Watch out for Traffic Ticket Checkpoints in and around Corpus Christi, Texas. Officers will be looking for any violations and handing out tickets if they see them.

Where are the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints?

A Traffic Ticket Checkpoints was recently spotted on the turnaround at Webber and SPID. Officers were waiting under the bridge, watching cars coming and going, then handing out tickets. While the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints are no longer on Webber they will likely move around the city and could eventually come back to the Webber turnaround.

Citations at Traffic Ticket Checkpoints.

Police officers waiting at the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints are looking for any violation they can in order to give you a ticket. Some of the violations they will be specifically looking for at the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints are: not wearings a seat belt, expired vehicle registration, expired vehicle inspection, talking on your cell phone, expired driver’s license, and not having or having expired proof of insurance. Police officers will also be giving out citations at Traffic Ticket Checkpoints for speeding.

For more information on the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints be sure to read the brief article by KIIITV.

What to do at Traffic Ticket Checkpoints.

Officials say the the overall number of citations at Traffic Ticket Checkpoints is lower than years before. It is still important to know what to do if you are stopped.

If you are stopped at one of the Traffic Ticket Checkpoints in and around town in Corpus Christi, Texas be as kind and courteous to the police officers as you can. Politely answer any questions and provide the required information or they may end up giving you ore citations or give you a higher fine.

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