Process & Fees

Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Defense Process

At The Coquat Law Firm, we believe our clients should be able to easily find, read and understand our firm’s Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Defense Process and Fees.

Once you have become a client, one of our traffic ticket lawyers will immediately contact the court by sending a letter of representation. This tells the court you are represented by an attorney. If your appearance date is very close, we may request the court reset the appearance date until we have had time to prepare your defense.

One of our traffic ticket attorneys will then begin to negotiate with a traffic ticket court prosecutor or judge to try and have your ticket fine reduced or dismissed all together. Your attorney will also press to have the amount of time you are to spend on deferred disposition reduced.

Once a satisfactory offer is made by the prosecutor or judge, your attorney will accept the offer on your behalf and notify you in writing of the final outcome as quickly as possible. You will then be responsible for paying whatever the final court fine is – usually the amount of the ticket in Corpus Christi. So long as you successfully complete your defensive driving course or deferred disposition period without another traffic ticket infraction during that time, the ticket will be dismissed without a conviction.

Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Defense Fees

Our fee structure for legal services is intended to be very simple. You pay the attorney only $150 per citation. There are no additional hidden costs or fees charged by your lawyer.

CORPUS CHRISTI MUNICIPAL COURT RARELY REDUCES TRAFFIC TICKET FINES. You will have to pay whatever the final ticket fine that is assessed by the court. This is in addition to the low flat fee of $150 per citation you pay your traffic ticket lawyer. In most cases and in most jurisdictions, your traffic ticket lawyer will be able to negotiate a reduced court fine on your behalf. However, keep in mind that most prosecutors in Corpus Christi DO NOT reduce fines at all – some even increase the fine for the privilege of taking deferred disposition. The benefit of hiring our traffic ticket lawyers is securing a reduced period of deferred disposition and saving you the hastle of spending time down at court. We will negotiate a reduction in the amount of deferred disposition time and keep the ticket off your record, or give you 100% of your money back.