Ticket Defense

Traffic Ticket Defense

Corpus Christi is a boom town right now with the explosion of fracking in South Texas. As a result, population is increasing, automobiles on the road are increasing and so the number of traffic tickets being issued by the Corpus Christi Police Department is increasing. At the same time, with a depressed economy in other areas, the City of Corpus Christi is searching for new ways to increase government revenue. One sure fire way to bring in more revenue is to increase the amount of money collected from traffic tickets.

Traffic Tickets We Defend

Surprisingly, one thing that is rare in the area is the ability to find a Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyer whose practice in primarily dedicated to defending and resolving Corpus Christi traffic tickets. That is where the traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm come in. We have lawyers specifically dedicated to resolving the following traffic citations: traffic ticket, speeding ticket, no insurance ticket, stop sign ticket, failure to yield ticket, reckless driving ticket, driving to fast for conditions ticket, no registration ticket, no inspection ticket, improper lane change ticket, following too closely ticket and many more. Our traffic ticket lawyers also assist with commercial drivers license (CDL) tickets, DMV hearings for suspended drivers license, and occupational license applications.

Traffic Ticket Defense Is Our Focus

Our firm has several lawyers whose primary focus is defending and resolving traffic tickets across central and south Texas. While there is no traffic ticket law specialty recognized by the State Bar of Texas, one Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyer at The Coquat Law Firm devotes over 90% of her practice to resolving the citations listed above. Now that’s focus!

Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

A Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyer from our firm is ready to help defend you against all the negative consequences of a Corpus Christi traffic ticket conviction. Each Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyer has the skills and experience to necessary to navigate the Corpus Christi Municipal Court system and secure for you the best possible resolution we can. Each lawyer charges a low flat fee of only $150 per citation and offers a money back guarantee. If you have received a Corpus Christi traffic ticket, don’t make the mistake of paying your ticket outright or trying to fight the traffic ticket alone. Instead, do yourself a favor and call one of our Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyers right now to see how we can help defend you. It’s your call! 361-232-5202.