Our Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Lawyers
Keep It Off Your Record or Return Your Money
ONLY – $150*


*Legal fees are $150 per citation and paid up front. Court assessed costs and fines may be extra.

Speeding Traffic Ticket | School Zone Traffic Ticket | Cell Phone Traffic Ticket


Ticket Defense

Corpus Christi prosecutors aggressively prosecute traffic tickets and rarely decrease fines. The Corpus Christi Municipal Court works hard to increase revenue through traffic tickets, as well. A traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm will successfully defend any ticket violation you receive or refund your money.

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Process and Fees

We believe our clients have a right to know what the process is to defend a traffic ticket and what it will cost to resolve their traffic ticket affordably. Once you become a client, one of our experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers will immediately contact the local court and begin fighting to keep the ticket off your driving record.

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Your Legal Team

The Coquat Law Firm offers a 100% money back guarantee on all traffic ticket defense services we provide our clients. We cannot guarantee a specific outcome for your traffic ticket defense, but we can guarantee you will receive top quality legal services and your money back if we are unable to keep the ticket off your record.

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“Paying Your Ticket Can Cost More Than Fighting It”

Let The Coquat Law Firm Fight Your Ticket For You




“I have lived in Corpus Christi for over three decades and would recommend you guys to anyone who needs ticket help. I was very, very pleased with the length of time it took to resolve my ticket – it was well within my expectations. And your responsiveness and follow up was second to none.”–--T. Wallin, Actual Corpus Christi Client

“I initially tried to take care of the ticket myself, but the court made it more painful and difficult; for every step they seemed to add 20 more. I wasted so much time. It may have been a few bucks more in the end, but once I hired you guys, everything you said you’d do got done - quickly. The ticket stayed off my record. My husband and I were happy and thought the overall experience was great.”–--T. Borgmeyer, Actual Corpus Christi Client




  1. Chris Sherman  December 16, 2014

    Hello. Can you represent me and get me a continuance so I can save up the money to pay you all?

    • Justin Coquat  December 17, 2014

      Chris Sherman, for more information in regards to your comment and how we may be able to help you, please feel free to call our offices at: (361) 232-5202. Please note that at this time we do not represent you and there may be time sensitive factors to consider with your ticket.